Advanced Industrial Radiators

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MASIV® Advanced Industrial Radiators

Masiv Advance Industrial Radiators

Industry and businesses demand reliability from their equipment above all else, MASIV® provides these as standard and takes it a few steps further.  Our industrial radiators use custom-engineered high performance tube profiles that not only maximize coolant to air heat transfer but are also made to better withstand the rigors of rugged operating environments.

MASIV® Advanced Industrial Radiators also feature the highest performance rated radiator cores in the industry.  Utilizing state of the art fin geometries, our cores not only provide superior pressure resistance, but also exudes the highest heat rejection capacity relative to frontal surface area.  What this means to our customers is simple -a lighter weight ultra-high performance radiator that increases performance and operating efficiency.

Moreover, our commitment to the environment is as sacrosanct as our pride in our craft.  MASIV® Advanced Industrial Radiators are constructed from a 100% lead free process and is backed by an end of life recycling program.

MASIV® provides our customers with an end to end solution for their fleet, industrial, and customized heat transfer solutions where commitment to excellence comes as standard.

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