Engineered to provide exceptional performance for use in low-speed/high-load agricultural scenarios.


MASIV For AgricultureMASIV® Advanced Radiators for agricultural equipment excel in providing maximum heat exchange and durability.

Agricultural machinery are typically designed for high-load/low-speed operation. The built-in optimizations in every MASIV® Advanced Radiator allow high efficiency cooling especially at low speed scenarios that comprise a majority of farm equipment duty cycles.

In rugged operating environments, your vehicle's radiator is subjected to impact from rocks and other projectile.  Custom seamless high frequency welded tubes, with walls thicker by as much as 65%, give MASIV®  Radiators hardened protection against debris that can cause critical damage to your cooling system.

For when productivity and reliability matters, we've kept the essentials at heart; MASIV® Advanced Industrial Radiators are built tough to perform.

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