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MASIV® Advanced Industrial Radiators are specially engineered for transport system operators that require reliability and performance. Our radiators provide maximum heat transfer at any speeds and at any loads in whichever engine mount configuration. This gives bus operators confidence to traverse between urban, highway, and rural road conditions.

Moreover, we've designed our radiators to be more durable and resistant to road debris collision, while maintaining as much as a 35% weight reduction in most applications. Our light weight high efficiency designs also allow us to minimize hydraulic loads on the engine's water pump by reducing the amount of coolant present in the loop. 

Doing so maximizes heat transfer between the engine and the radiator. This reduction in coolant volume alone not only reduces the parasitic load on the engine but also allows for faster warm up times yielding marked gains in performance, fuel efficiency, and lowered emissions as tested by our fleet customers.

Our commitment to product excellence is backed up by an industry-leading warranty, an end of life recycling program and support through MASIV® Managed Fleet Services.

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