Light Trucks

Exceptional heat exchange performance for light transport vehicles engineered by MASIV®.



Light trucks play a heavy role as workhorses for urban deliveries. These vehicles have to withstand repeated stop-start cycles and heavy traffic.

MASIV® Advanced Industrial Radiators for Light Trucks provide optimized radiator solutions that allow for a more adaptive  heat transfer regime.  MASIV® radiator cores not only offers superior heat exchange but are also more compact.  Thus providing measurable system airflow improvements that enhance efficiency for other vehicle sub-systems.

A majority of delivery vehicles implement a Cab Over Engine (COE) configuration.   This in turn places limitations on the size of radiators that can be employed as replacements

By design, MASIV® Advanced Industrial Radiators can provide as much as 2x more the heat transfer capacity within the same dimensions.  This gives Light Trucks and similar COE vehicles an enhanced cooling option that is optimized for both urban and highway settings.

In all these aspects -MASIV® delivers.

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