Long Haul Cargo

MASIV® Radiators provide the long haul transport industry with a real option for increasing performance and efficiency.



MASIV® Advanced Industrial Radiators give long haul transport operators exceedingly high performance both in low and high speed conditions.

What this means, is that long haul vehicles can maximize heat transfer whether climbing or cruising, thereby reducing parasitic loads from their fans and water pumps. 

This is achieved by having a compact high performance core, using a revolutionary fin geometry coupled with custom low profile tubes that maximizes airflow and coolant conductivity.

The results are self-evident.  More power and increased fuel economy.

We've built our radiators only one way for the long haul -tough.  And we're backing it up with the industry's longest warranty for your peace of mind.

The bottom line is, well -a better bottom line.

Redefining Performance

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