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We've taken great strides as a company in developing class leading products in all areas of our endeavors.

It is in this spirit that we've developed our high performance heavy duty radiators for use in the most demanding of environments. The MASIV® Dev Team worked feverishly with our partners over the past few years to bring to bear the incredible performance attributes of our heat exchangers.

It was our goal, not only to attain increased efficiencies but to also inspire greater confidence among our end users at a time when performance and reliability matter most. MASIV® Advanced Industrial Radiators is the embodiment of this ambition and we are proud to say -we deliver!

We expect nothing less of ourselves and neither should our customers. Our dedication to excellence, quality, reliability, and total customer satisfaction is embedded in our DNA.

We are looking forward with you.


For the MASIV Dev Team:

Wilbert Yuque


MASIV® is the Advanced Industrial Radiator Division of Hardware Labs Performance Systems Inc., a manufacturer of high performance heat transfer systems used in mission critical applications with over 10 years of specialized industry experience.

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