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Better for Tomorow

In recent times the radiator industry has been inundated with an deluge of cheap and practically disposable heat transfer products that have fulfilled the short term need for replacement but purposely neglected the long term notion of value.

This has often resulted to lower quality products that behaved unpredictably.  Sudden breakdowns, costly repairs, unproductive down times, and environmental waste are clearly avoidable consequences.  For businesses that rely on their vehicles and equipment to simply run, a band-aid replacement-part-to-dump approach is unacceptable.

We strongly believe that our products' value is all about performance and reliability.  This value goes beyond what we manufacture and all the way to the core commitments behind the name MASIV®.  Our motto is simple -Do it right and do it better!

Every MASIV® Advanced Industrial Radiator is designed to outperform the stock or aftermarket part it replaces.  Period.

As we're used to working within very tight demands, we have no excuse to offer anything less.  Hence we build in topnotch reliability and back it up with this industry's longest warranty.  We also work extensively with our channels to ensure that not only are our products maintain availability but that helpful information is also conveyed to our end users.

Furthermore, as this world after all doesn't just belong to this generation -we've taken the whole process a step further.  MASIV® Advanced Industrial Radiators are manufactured using a lead free process coupled with an end of life recycling program.

We need to be better for tomorrow.




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